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Faster Results. Better Results. Visible Results.

Copy of Our Founder


Over years of experience in skincare R&D Melissa is one of the first woman to ever Public Listed a Skincare & Spa Company on the Malaysia Stock Exchange. Her former company exclusively distributes Dermalogica and owns over 50 salons by the name of Aster Springs.

With great passion for her dream, Melissa pioneered the skincare industry since 1984 and earned her success by treating tens of thousands of clients with severe skin problems like acne. She was countlessly featured on the covers of leading magazines and newspapers including Passion Magazine and New Strait Times.

Melissa also pioneered Malaysia's first post graduate beauty program responsible for training thoudans of professional therapist with aim to raise beauty standards in the country.

Today, Melissa believes that even though the beauty industry have become alot more sophisticated with latest technological advancements and is overcrowded by solution claiming skincare brands, not much have changed in terms of the problems customers are facing with their skin, compelling her to come back from retirement with a new mission to solve the industry's biggest unresolved problems through real and proven skincare she truly believes in.