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Faster Results. Better Results. Visible Results.

Humble Beginnings

Long before the success that she is today, life was never always glam and glory for Melissa. Once upon a time, in a small town named Mantin, a young Melissa, was struggling between her final year exams and working odd jobs.

“I remember when I was eight years old, my father’s furniture business was going through a rough patch and I felt it was my duty as the eldest child in the family to help supplement income.” – Melissa

She came from a poor family and had to live from hand-to-mouth trying to find enough money to feed her mother and three siblings.

“I worked at a neighbor’s vegetable farm, harvesting greens to be sold at the market, and also wove cane baskets, which was extremely painful. I remember I used to go home with bruised and numb hands.” – Melissa

Despite her struggles, Melissa was determined to fight for a better life and future to give her family.

After completing her Higher School Certificate at the age of 19, she decided to enter the working world as an administration clerk in a financial institution. During her spare time, she earned additional income from direct selling of skincare products. She was then that she discovered her passion for skincare. She was a natural at it and immediately saw how she could be of help of other women.

“I used to think that women, especially those in small towns, stopped trying to look their best after they got married. Some were aging faster than their husbands after a few rounds of pregnancies. I thought that I could help them look better and hence boost their confidence.” – Melissa

Melissa was eager to learn more skincare, so she slogged at her job for 3 years before saving just enough money to pay for her long-awaited beauty diploma course, where she excelled in learning the basics of skincare.

“Understanding beauty concepts comes naturally to me, be it theory and practical, so I was able to complete my basic beauty courses in record time.” – Melissa

After discovering her talent in skincare, Melissa made up her mind and wanted to leave her stable job and pursue a business in beauty, but was quickly discouraged by her family and friends, who were skeptical of the very idea of beauty at the time. With great courage and will power, Melissa took a leap of faith and persisted to move forward with her plans anyway, not letting herself be persuaded by negativity. Nothing could stop her from pursuing her dream.