Faster Results. Better Results. Visible Results.
Faster Results. Better Results. Visible Results.

Our result driven formulas are designed to repair, restore, protect & nourish skin to the best of health


Combining the freshest Natural Botanicals and Plant Stem Cells with Anti-Aging Peptides in high concentrations

to ensure faster, better & visible results on skin.


Tailor-made for Asian skin

With countless Western skincare brands dominating today’s market place, we can’t help but wonder if these products would ever suitable for our Asian skin.

See here’s the problem! Most Western climates tend to be colder and dryer, hence products are intentionally formulated to be richer and thicker in order to retain moisture on skin. Where as, Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia tend to be warmer and extremely humid, making our skin oilier by nature. That being said, we know how frustrating it is for customers who use western brands that may contain comedogenic ingredients that not only leaves their skin feeling oily and overly-nourished, but also giving rise to clogged pores and acne breakouts.

Despite all that said, we still acknowledge the West for being highly advanced and reliable in R&D capabilities. So with innovation in mind, we decided to marry the East with the West by leveraging on top R&D laboratories in Switzerland to tailor-make skincare products specially for Asian skin.

Melissachens High Performance Skincare is the result of innovation, as we ensure our products are highly efficacious and easy on the skin, enabling our customers to achieve amazing results free from unwanted oiliness.

Efficacious Natural Ingredients

We believe that age prevention starts when you are still young, so we decided to make it our priority to get the best ingredients working hard for your skin to achieve the smooth, flawless and radiant looking skin that you’ve long desired for. As such, we specially handpicked only the most efficacious ingredients in our premium formulations, combining Natural Botanicals and Plant Stem Cells with High Science Anti-Aging Peptides in every single one of our products, promising your skin a better future in the most natural way possible!

Results Driven Formulas

Faster Results! Better Results! Visible Results! is what we stand for and plan to achieve with our skincare products. As such, we believe not only including the best ingredients, but also to have them at the right efficacy concentrations that would make dreams a reality. Each Melissachens product is designed with a clear purpose in mind, whether it is to hydrate your skin, clear your acne, soothe your sensitivity or even firm your skin, the core objective is the same; to achieve visible results that lasts through the test of time.

Pushing limits to healthier skin

We believe that maintaining a healthy skin DNA is essential for achieving a youthful looking appearance. However, in today’s heavy pollution environment, our skin becomes easily stressed by free radicals in the air that cause aging, hence skincare products need to work harder and be more pro-active in keeping up with the increasing demands of our skin. That is why we specially formulated products that would not only protect the skin on a daily basis, but also to repair, restore and nourish the skin to optimal health. 

5 Safe from skin harming chemicals

Our formulas have been safety tested to be 100% free of irritants, pore-clogging and acne-causing ingredients.

NO artificial fragrances
NO coloring & dye


NO mineral oils
NO sulfates
NO SD alcohol
NO formaldehyde
NON comedogenic