Faster Results. Better Results. Visible Results.
Faster Results. Better Results. Visible Results.

Founder of a Public Listed Company


On 11th March 2004, Melissa took her business public by officially listing her company on Bursa Securities Malaysia. It was the first time a skincare company was ever listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange.



As one of the first few women in Malaysia to public list a business, Melissa was featured on the front cover of Dare Magazine, Malaysia’s inspiring new magazine for women. Melissa has achieved her dream and realised a passion that inspired a generation of young beauty entrepreneurs. She engaged Hong Kong and Hollywood actor Maggie Q to become the brand ambassador.



At that time the company Melissa founded was at the pinnacle of its success, it exclusively distributes for brands like Dermalogica, Clinelle, Eve Taylor, Averine Skincare Cosmetics and Bioxil in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and other ASEAN nations. Salon numbers expanded regionally to over 50 outlets at the time. Leonard Drake was soon rebranded into what is known today as Astersprings.



A beauty school named the Esthetics & Wellness International (EWI) Academy was also established, where Melissa personally trained and educated thousands of young enthusiastic therapists throughout Malaysia.

It was ultimately Melissa’s passion for finding skin solutions naturally brought her to R&D, where she focused a lot of her time and attention on developing new skincare products she believed would meet the needs of her customers.