Faster Results. Better Results. Visible Results.
Faster Results. Better Results. Visible Results.

A Brand-New Start

Late 2010, after much persuasion from loyal customers, Melissa decided to make a comeback with the establishment of Melissachens High Performance Skincare.

Beyond her past success and with over 30 years of experience under her belt, Melissa is back again to pursue her dream with a heart of passion, she is finally able to give her customers a line of skincare products that she truly believed in.

Recognizing that today’s marketplace is already in abundance of skincare products, Melissa wanted to create products that would make a difference and stand out from the rest. She discovered the market lacked products that would cater to the needs of Asian skin, which are oilier and knew how frustrating it was for customers who use Western brands which may contain ingredients that are rich and over nourishing to the skin, blocking pores and causing them acne. However, despite that, Melissa still acknowledges the West for being highly advanced and reliable in R&D, so she did something not many had thought of, she decided to marry the two by leverage on Western R&D to specifically tailor-make products suitable for Asian skin, particularly in tropical climates.

In doing so, she collaborated with top laboratories in Switzerland to develop the perfect East meets West formula. Melissa was very specific on the key ingredients she wanted in her products and made sure each formula was potent and tested to repair, restore, protect and nourish the skin in order to deliver noticeable results that last. At the same time, ensuring her formulas strictly exclude pore-blocking comedogenics, which sets her products apart from many brands in the market.

Melissa started developing the finest qualities of skincare products ever to cater to the needs of Asian skin in tropical regions. And guess what? Her customers love it!

“I particularly remembered one customer telling me that my products were high performance like a Ferrari, with regards to delivering instant results to her skin, and that was how my whole inspiration of ‘High Performance Skincare’ came about.” – Melissa

Many who tried her products reported seeing their skin becoming brighter, smoother and radiant looking within weeks, it was simply a breakthrough like no other.

Melissa now operates her flagship boutique salon, Melissachens Skin Beauty Spa in 1Utama Shopping Centre, offering the most exclusive of result-oriented treatments that are personalized to every of her client’s skin needs.

Melissachens Skin Beauty Spa is highly sought after for its excellence in treating clients with severe acne skin problems, based on the best-kept secret of Melissa’s signature acne extraction technique, her specialty from over the years.

Within a short period of time, her salon was filled with clients who came from all over and different parts of Malaysia just to have their acne skin treated. Many of which suffer from severe acne problems and was recommended by a friend, as the word of mouth spread quickly amongst clients who had their skin successfully treated.

“I don’t believe in investing heavily on advertising, I believe that if I manage to successfully treat my client’s skin, they will eventually tell their friends, that to me is a good enough form of advertising.” – Melissa

Today, Melissachens High Performance Skincare can be found on the shelves of premium pharmacies and professional beauty salons, as distribution has successfully expanded throughout countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

“It is my livelong dream to help men and women of all ages and skin conditions to achieve amazing results through products that I truly believe in.” – Melissa